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In these sections, we take a look at how we spend our time in our jobs, in our personal time and with each other.

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Our health sections look at the ways we take care of our health and some of the people who help us do that.

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The tourism sections focus on how we play and how we look back - and cherish - our roots, those early footsteps.

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Our business sections cover not only "the business" of southern West Virginia, but those who live and grow them.

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And You'll Want To Check These Out Too.

Here's a sample of the stories you'll find inside this year's Yearbook edition.

  • WWII vet captures history on film, in air

    Husband, father, World War II veteran and longtime aerial photographer Melvin Grubb says of his 89 years: “That’s a great life.” His parents, Everett and Janie Grubb, welcomed him and his twin brother Marvin into the world Jan. 4, 1925. They were born in Bluefield, and Melvin joked, “I’ve been stuck there ever since.”

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  • Woodrow freshman is a role model with a role model

    Dustin Looney walks the halls of Raleigh General Hospital with the purposeful stride of a guy who knows where he’s headed. Looney, 14, is a freshman at Woodrow Wilson High School in Beckley. Still a few months shy of qualifying for a work permit, he’s at the hospital two evenings each week to volunteer — a habit he started in May as an eighth-grader at Park Middle School.

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  • Beartown offers hidden wilderness majesty

    The majesty of the Allegheny Mountains as they meet the sky in the horizon is indisputable. But the mountains have a hidden majesty below-ground, and in the 107-acre Beartown State Park on Droop Mountain, some of that “underground” is exposed. Beartown is a primitive area, with only a boardwalk for the trek through giant boulders of Droop Sandstone, a part of the Bluefield formation that was formed during the Mississippian age from 360 million to 325 million years ago. Soil has eroded from the rocks, forming pathways and deep crevasses

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  • 'The Girls From Alderson’: FPC firefighters are putting their criminal records in the past to help others

    Five firefighters at Federal Prison Camp Alderson acknowledge they’ve made mistakes in their past, but Kristy Stowers said, to a woman, they refuse to be defined by a list of charges for which they’re now paying their debt to society. We’re so much more than that,” Stowers said.

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