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In these sections, we take a look at how we spend our time in our jobs, in our personal time and with each other.

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Our health sections look at the ways we take care of our health and some of the people who help us do that.

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The tourism sections focus on the many fabulous attractions and activities in our area.

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Our business sections cover not only "the business" of southern West Virginia, but those who grow them.

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And You'll Want To Check These Out Too.

Here's a sample of the stories you'll find inside this year's Yearbook edition.

  • Feeding the birds? If you start, don't stop.

    Purple finches and evening grosbeaks. English sparrows and blue jays. Black-capped chickadees and downy woodpeckers. Cardinals and robins. Sooner or later, they’ll likely show up at your backyard bird feeders.

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  • Mom forms breastfeeding community for area

    When Rachel Kittle of Raleigh County got pregnant with her daughter, Hadley, in 2013, she knew the benefits of breastfeeding. She also knew that she wanted to breastfeed. At the Latch On Raleigh County event, many women thanked Kittle for sparking the formation of the breastfeeding community.

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  • Non-profit wildlife sanctuary welcomes injured birds of all species

    Thousands of feathered friends, from hummingbirds to eagles, have been nursed back to health by Wendy and Ron Perrone, as well as local veterinarians and volunteers over the past 25 years.

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  • Lovers of all things floral and green can find a secret treasure nestled in Oak Hill

    Honeysuckle Hill Gardens, open since the early 2000s, is owned and operated by lifelong garden enthusiast Terry Johnson. “I call it a hobby, but my husband calls it an obsession,” she said with a laugh.

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